Biden’s Nemesis: Muhammad bin Salman


Biden’s Nemesis: Muhammad bin Salman

Listening to Biden and his dysfunctional stooges in Congress, one would think that OPEC + (24 member states) is totally controlled only by Saudi Arabia. As if the Gulf members, Russia, Venezuela, Libya and Iran (the foremost enemy of Saudi) are only puppets of Saudi Arabia who are ignoring what is in their best self-interests to please the Arab Monarchy.

On America Out Loud, in numerous articles, we asked a simple question: Why did Biden consider the death of Jamal Khashoggi – a full time and unrepentant supporter of the Muslim Brotherhood, the enemies of ALL human beings who are NOT Muslims – while fully ignoring the slaughter of 1500 Iranians in 2009, more in 2011, 2017,2019 and as you are reading this article over 180 slaughtered many of whom are women – more important than the thousands murdered by the terrorist Ayatollahs’ regime?

Why did Biden – who continually reminds Americans of his 50 years in politics – create a nemesis in Muhammad bin Salman, the future king of Saudi Arabia – over an event that did not adversely affect the USA in any way shape or form?

Why did he insult a whole nation in front of the world while he fully ignores the deeds of others that are hundreds of times worse than what had happened to Khashoggi?

Biden – who in August 2022, went in humiliation to Mohammad bin Salman’s Saudi Arabia (the one Biden declared a pariah state), begging him to produce more oil – telling the world what a long lasting and productive relationship both countries have had for almost 100 years –  is now accusing the same country, that cutting her oil production is tantamount to an Act of War, because her action helps Russia’s aggression in Ukraine.

Biden did not go grovelling to MBS for the sake of the American people (whom he despises); not at all. He went there –  to save his administration from a possible Republican tsunami in the next Congressional November elections – if the fuel prices continue to be high adding to the ever rising self-inflicted inflation.

As we have pointed out on numerous occasions, in politics especially, one must know one’s adversary, much better than one’s friends. In the culture of the Arabs, even before Muhammad, any insult must be redeemed either by an abject public apology or by blood; otherwise, it is never forgotten or forgiven. Biden never read anything about Arabs or Islam; therefore, he will fail in dealing with them every single time.

When Biden visited Bin Salman, he did NOT make a public apology. He only fisted MBS that rang around the world proving how low America’s standing has gone down under him.

The cognitive dissonance exhibited by the Biden administration is all encompassing; not only Biden, but also almost all his advisors and supporters as well as the Fake Media, suffer from irredeemable rational thinking failures.

The same administration that is going crazy because of Arabia’s economic actions, has not once – since Obama – ever considered America’s totally useless Nuclear talks with the terrorist Shia Ayatollahs’ theocratic corrupt and oppressive regime, are actually tantamount to a declaration of war against the Sunni Gulf Arabs.

The reduction in oil production affects every country on Earth, not only the USA; yet only Biden is crying fowl. The Chinese and Indian economies are suffering more than the USA, but they are not accusing Saudi Arabia of aggression, because they fully understand economic realities; unlike the current utterly incompetent Biden and his administration.

Only among irrational human beings would one expect ‘others’ to do one a favour, while the one is betraying the ‘others’. After all, Iran’s publicly declared intention since 1979, is to spread her version of Shia Islam to all countries on Earth; especially her Arab neighbours.

As always with Biden, his emotions overrule what little remains of his brain, because threatening Saudi Arabia with punishment, will only aggravate the situation between the two countries and will alienate even more, the Sunni Gulf Arabs to the detriment of the USA.

So far, Biden has single handedly alienated most of America’s allies – even in Europe – while embracing her worst enemies.

Do Americans realise or even comprehend why, that after the OPEC+ decision to reduce oil production by 2,000,000 barrels a day, the oil prices went DOWN 2% and not UP?

It is amazing how many Americans won the Nobel prizes for Economics, yet there is no one in this administration, including Biden (who has been in politics for 50 years) who understands the most basic rule of Supply and Demand; oil is a commodity, after-all.

The oil price went down because China is suffering from an unprecedented lock down of production lines due to Covid hence reducing her demand for oil. Her economy is suffering worse than the USA but they are not accusing Saudi Arabia of Act of War.

China and Russia will be very delighted if Biden insanely picks a fight with the foremost producer of oil in the world today; which he may do, because he has so far proven himself extremely stupid and or incompetent.

Muhammad bin Salman is an adversary who should not be turned into an enemy. He is already showing more political and economic acumen and sagacity than Biden’s 50 years in politics. He can and maybe already is, Biden’s nightmare nemesis.