Biden’s Ukraine Debacle


Discussing Biden’s disastrous administration is like flogging a dead horse (Biden’s supporters). Unfortunately, I have to keep on flogging this horse in the hope of bringing it to life.

If it was true that 81,000,000 Americans voted Joe ‘incompetent’ Biden to be president of the USA, then I truly have no sympathy for them because they have proven themselves to be, not only incredibly stupid, but also obscenely ungrateful for removing the most patriotic and accomplished president in recent memory: Donald J Trump.

I assert their ingratitude because of the following unassailable FACTS:

1. The only president who – in spite of the most maligning, deceitful and aggressive media against him 24/7/365 x 5 years – delivered upon most of what he promised the American people if elected.

2. Making America great again

3. The least unemployed Americans in 50 years

4. The highest employment figures for Blacks, Hispanics and Asians in five decades

5. The least numbers on benefits

6. Securing the borders against illegal immigrants

7. Made America energy, oil and gas independent of oil cartels for the first time ever. In fact, he made the USA a premier exporter; helping make the price of petrol for Americans very low.

8. He forced all her ‘allies’ to contribute to their own defence instead of being parasites upon American taxpayers

9. Because Trump is NOT a corrupt politician, he treated the USA as a corporation, with himself as CEO and “We the People” as the shareholders

10. Not only did he NOT initiate a war; he brought – what every so-called ‘expert’ asserted impossible – Israelis and Arabs to make peace with the Abrahamic Accords for which he was denied the Nobel Peace Prize.

11. For the first time in a decade, Americans were optimistic about their future.

12. Even regarding the Covid Pandemic which hurt his accomplishments, he galvanized all the American pharmaceuticals to create a viable vaccine in a few months that usually takes a minimum of five years. Again, very little credit was given to him by the most corrupt and treasonous media in the West; the American main line media.

13. Although in 1995, Congress passed the Jerusalem Embassy Act, no president before Trump had the backbone to accomplish this task

14.Trump was the leader who fully understood ‘real politik’: It is better to be feared than respected because only through being feared that peace can be achieved.

I brought all these points to the attention of our readers not only to compare and contrast Trump to Biden but to assert point 14; that fearing a leader is much more important than respecting him, by any adversary.

This was exactly why the Ayatollahs of Iran, did NOT harass American ships in the Persian Gulf.

This was why China made no threats to Taiwan while Trump was president

This was why the Taliban did not expand their territory in defiance of their agreement with Trump

This was also the reason why Sunni Arabs of the Gulf were willing to make peace with Israel in defiance of the usual threats by ‘Palestinians’ who have had a veto power for 72 years against any normalization of relationship with Israel

Donald Trump was and is a breath of fresh air in the stifling atmosphere of politics because he is NOT a creature of the swamp.

Joe ‘benedict’ Biden, on the other hand, has been a swamp creature for 47 years without once achieving anything noble or of relevance. On the contrary, he was always a useless narcissist. All talk and no action.

After all, it was as VP to Obama that Putin took over the Crimea and part of Eastern Ukraine, without any repercussions. When Trump was president – accused by Biden, the swamp and the fascist media of being a Putin stooge – Ukraine had nothing to worry about.

Let me tell you Americans bluntly that Putin was not only goaded into invading Ukraine by the most incompetent and imbecile American ‘president’ in the last 242 years, but also invited to do so because of Biden’s utter debacle in Afghanistan and his continuous grovelling to the terrorist Ayatollah of Iran to revive Obama’s disastrous ‘2015 nuclear agreement’ with them with not a single advantage to the USA, but the worst for her Sunni and Israeli allies.

Biden’s total lack of foreign affairs understanding is pushing away America’s allies into the arms of Russia and China because no one wants to be associated with a loser.

America’s enemies watch and read exactly the same programs as Americans – and are not as mentally defective as 32/43% of brain dead Americans who still support Biden – and they have figured out the obvious: this is the best time for any of them to do whatever malice they intend, then at any other time in the history of the USA. They are circling the USA like vultures, awaiting the imminent death of an animal.

This is why Putin and Xi of China met during the Olympics to coordinate their attacks while clueless Biden is president.

While Biden and the Democrats were insulting Trump and demonizing Putin, the shrewd Putin was preparing Russia’s economy with alternative venues to avoid the forthcoming sanctions that Americans and Europeans were planning to inflict upon Russia if and when it aggressed against them.

I shall repeat again that Russia – after the collapse of the Soviet Union – was a vastly diminished threat to NATO and instead of alienating Russia, the West should have brought her into the Western fold.

In the year 2000, in a meeting between Putin and Bill Clinton in Europe, Putin suggested Russia should join NATO.

Instead of agreeing to such a fantastic offer of peace, Putin and Russia were spurned and added insult to injury, rubbing their faces in the dust by incorporating 15 previous republics bordering Russia into NATO).

Unlike the traitor-in-Chief Joseph Biden, Putin is an extremely patriotic Russian who believes in the sanctity of Russia’s borders. The European Union, Biden and the US State Department have not been willing to understand Putin’s point of view of what constitutes Russia’s security. All he wanted regarding Ukraine were assurances in writing, that Ukraine will not be part of NATO (a military alliance against Russia.

Had any of these morons listened and agreed, this invasion would not have occurred. Tragically, it is always innocent, unsuspecting civilians that end up paying the extreme prices of dislocation or death because of the utter lack of vision and stupidity of their political leaders.

I sincerely hope that Putin will only consolidate the eastern areas of the Ukraine and calls it quits, because no matter how superior his forces are, if he occupies a resisting population, he will suffer enormous losses which will require him to use draconian counter measures, which will end with enormous loss of life without in the end achieving his goal of security.