Blaming the Robots


Meet Rashid Brown:
* As Seen on Various Television and Radio Stations Including NPR, ABC and WSBTV
* Passionate Analytical Fact Finder
* Strategic Development Coach and Highly Touted Serial Entrepreneur
* Founder and CEO of Kingdom Fortunes Development Group (KFDG) named 101 Best and Brightest Companies to Work For and Elite Company in Diversity and Inclusion (2014) and Employee Education and Development (2016) by the National Association of Business Resources.
* Top Selling Author of “Careergonomics: A Practical Guide for Mastering Personal Development and Employment Success in the 21st Century”
* Recipient of many National Awards including, Legacy of Excellence Award, Congressional Merit of Honor for Business Leaders and named Outstanding Georgia Citizen.

Donald Mazzella is a Veteran Newsman and Commentator, COO of Small Business Digest publications and Author of many books including “An American Family Sampler.” His experience allows him to elaborate on this trending story and open us up to what it all means.

About Donald Mazzella:
Donald Mazzella is a nationally known commentator covering not only great events but the intimate lives of ordinary citizens. His latest book, now in its fourth printing Recalculating is a compendium of 100-plus experts, presidents, and government officials talking about strategies to grow a small business. For the past decade he has been editorial director of Small Business Digest, a multi-media offering for enterprise leaders. The first book in his American Family Sampler trilogy has just gone into its third printing.

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