Bring Home the Bacon By Larry Tracy


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Larry Tracy
Book Information
Bring Home the Bacon: How to Deliver

Persuasive Presentations that Get “Buy-
in” from Any Audience!

Larry Tracy
ISBN (Kindle)
Publication Date
July 30, 2018
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Meet the Author
President Ronald Reagan called Larry
Tracy, “An extraordinarily effective
This compliment resulted from the
feedback the President received on Larry’s
success in hundreds of presentations,
debates and media appearances defending
controversial policies before demanding,
often hostile, audiences. Larry was an
Army colonel detailed by the White House
to the State Department.
In a previous assignment, he was the
Senior Intelligence Briefer to the Chairman
of the Joint Chiefs of Staff in recurring
crises during the Cold War. After retiring
from the Army, he became an in-demand
speech coach, cited as one of the top such
coaches in the country in the books
Information Please Business Almanac and
Sourcebook (Houghton-Mifflin), Best of the
Best (Insight Publishing), and What to Say
When…You’re Dying on the Platform
Larry is a graduate of St. Joseph’s
University and holds an MA from
Georgetown University. His military
education includes the Army Command

and General Staff College and the Inter-
American Defense College. He served in

Vietnam, Argentina and Bolivia, speaks
fluent Spanish and conducts presentation
skills workshops in that language.
Reviews by Readers
“This book’s greatest strength is the
author’s expertise… I highly recommend
this book to those looking to improve their
public speaking skills.” –OnlineBookClub
“Excellent guide for speaking that ‘Brings
home the bacon!” –Amazon Review
“This book will help you go from a good
speaker to a great one!” –Amazon Review
“Am most appreciative to the author for
understanding the problems of selling an
idea to a sometimes disinterested or
hostile audience.” –Amazon Review

Book Summary
Most books on presentation skills provide
useful tips and insights to improve the
reader’s speaking ability. Bring Home the
Bacon does much more, giving readers a
systematic and systemic, step-by-step path
to take them from novice to expert
speaker. Success in life depends on your
ability to bring people to your point of
view. That’s what you’ll gain by reading
this book.
The S3P3 System, the pillars of Substance,
Structure and Style supporting a pyramid
of Planning, Practicing and Presenting, was
developed by Larry Tracy when he was
facing demanding, skeptical audiences. His
“Been there, Done that” experience
became the basis of Larry’s successful
executive workshops, and now Bring
Home the Bacon.
Internalizing the S3P3 System can make
you a more persuasive speaker and a true
influencer, placing you ahead of your
peers. Psychologists claim the “Halo
Effect” results in excellent “public
speakers” being perceived as highly
intelligent, very competent and a “go to”