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C.D. Rahm

I.T. Confidential

Ready to uncover the underbelly of the corporate office, C.D. Rahm presents “I.T. Confidential” (August 29, 2013, Boondoggle Press), a humorous look at the world of information technology. He has been an I.T. professional and innovator in the field since first hearing the word “geek” and knew he wanted to be one. He worked alongside Thomas Edison in inventing electricity and Al Gore in inventing the Internet. He is believed to have come up with the name “mouse” for the device used to move the cursor around a monitor when he observed his cat chasing the one he employed across his desk during an earthquake. (The cat was very disappointed when he caught it, but ate it anyway.) C.D. Rahm is perhaps best known for his sage advice to Steve Jobs when he said, “Who would buy an electronic thingy named after a piece of fruit?” C. D. Rahm lives in anonymity inside an honest-to-goodness I.T. guy who, for reasons of sanity and job security, prefers to remain nameless.
Date Recorded:10/4/2013

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