Changing the World


Meet Kip Marlow:

* Founder and President of Marlow Surgical Technologies

* AI and Automation Expert

* Successful Entrepreneur

* Small Business Teacher and Advisor

* Host of Entrepreneur Club Radio

* Named by Small Business Trends as the 2013 top 100 Small Business Influencers in the United States

Some entrepreneurs invent products and start companies that are very significant and change the world of medicine or cell phones.

Rarely does an invention revolutionize American life. Enter Mr. Willis H. Carrier. Mr. Carrier changed the entire world by inventing the first air conditioning system.

Think about it. Before air conditioning, people around the world had to endure unpleasantly hot weather conditions and there was nothing they could do about it. Until Mr. Carrier came along.

His family immigrated to America. He got an engineering degree, and in 1901 was solving a quality problem at a publishing company. He solved it with a cold air machine and humidity control.

Then a light bulb went off and Mr. Carrier realized his machine could be used in homes and offices across America. That’s when he and six others pooled their money to start The Carrier Engineering Company.

Truly entrepreneurial! It all started by solving a problem.

Maybe there’s a light bulb for you too!