Chuck Hellman


Chuck Hellman


Few sports have fuzzier histories than early golf. Its history has many missing links wider than the widest fairway. This unrecorded gap, called “The Divot Age”, spans from golf’s beginnings to the first half of the 18th Century. For centuries St. Andrews, Scotland, has been called the “cradle of golf.” Despite golf ‘s unclear roots, few Scots ever doubted Scotland was the home of golf. Therefore, the question of golf ‘s Scottish origin ought to be regarded as definitely settled or is it? History weaves strange webs and leaves many details to chance. St. Andrews has played a significant role in golf history as the lives of its famous mainstream characters are interwoven with forgotten individuals. But these unheralded personalities are not lost. The author has chosen to write about them. Before filling some of the unknown gaps, he has concentrated his writings during the period of the early 18th Century and has created the Divot Age Gang, including ancient names, such as Mulligan, Bogie, and Stymie. The author felt these overlooked figures were well worth knowing better. He feels they missed immortality because nobody took the time to properly write or record their golfing lifestyle. Through the author’s research, BOGIE represents a saga that might have happened many years ago. The author has uncovered many of golf ‘s secrets using facts blended with colorful legends and charming myths. However, a few mysteries still remain. He only wishes that frontier caddies of the earlier flotsam and jetsam days could talk today ­ oh, the tales they could tell! So…put on your favorite golf cap, prepare yourself to stroll back in time and relive the good ole days of golf with these unforgettable characters.

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