Now only $18,000 is Required to Participate Reveals Professor of Political Science Peter Mathews

Election June 2022. There is now a for-sale sign on most government departments in Washington. Money is flowing in like never before. It means that honest candidates be dammed. And a huge F—k you to the American people.

Exactly three months to the day before California’s June 7, 2022 Primary Election, Professor of Political Science Peter Mathews who is also a candidate for the 42nd Congressional District experienced a strong case of sticker shock: he discovered the cost for placing his Candidate Statement for voters to read in the Sample Ballot/Voter Guide had increased by approximately 900% in two years to $18,000 for both English and Spanish versions!

Incidentally, inflation, in general, had only increased by about 8%. Mathews and his campaign assistants checked and double-checked with the clerks at the Los Angeles County Registrar of Voters office and were assured that the new higher price this year was going to be approximately $18,000 for both Spanish and English version of the Candidate Statement. When Mathews asked how the cost could have skyrocketed so much?” he was informed that “everything had gone up.” As a political scientist and professor of American Government, Peter Mathews teaches the theory and practice of democracy in a democratic republic such as the United States. Mathews said “the pay to play” requirements keeps voters from knowing what all the candidates stand for and it only allows the message of the wealthy candidates or those with wealthy corporate sponsors to get through. This is not democracy but a form of plutocracy that must be changed.”

Well, Peter is not a corporate whore. What’s more, he refuses to take Big Corporate Money donations for his campaign, so he is free to work for you, the American people, not wealthy Corporate Special Interests! He’s all about exposing the pernicious effect of Big Corporate Money in American Politics, which has prevented us from achieving a just society. The Big Corporate Money raised by our politicians in order to get elected has prevented them from bringing us Medicare for All; a Safe Climate through Well Paying Green Jobs; Housing Security to End Homelessness; Tuition-free College/University, Technical, Trade, and Arts Schools for All; Fully Funded Public Schools K-12; Expanded Social Security; Guaranteed Universal Child Care; Guaranteed Parental Leave; Criminal Justice Reform; Immigration Justice and the Dream Act; Fully Funded Support Programs for People With Disabilities; Fully Funded Mental Health Care; Women’s Rights and Gender Equality; Support for LGBTQIA+; Reduced Income Inequality; $20 Minimum Wage with Lower Taxes and Increased Federal Funding for Small Businesses to help pay their employees the minimum wage; and Sensible Gun Control

Peter is a full-time Professor of Political Science and International Relations at Cypress College, for the past 30 years. His subjects include U.S. Government and Politics, International Relations and World Politics, Contemporary Political Issues, Political Theory, Urban Politics, and Chicano[1]Chicana Politics (Politics of the Latinx/Latino Community). In addition, he’s been very active outside the classroom in the community, locally and nationally. A member of the Homeless Organizing Committee in the 1990s in the Long Beach area, working successfully to bring transitional housing for homeless people. In 1993, he founded Rescue Education California, a grassroots organization which was active in fighting for funding for smaller K-12 class sizes, updated textbooks and technology, and lower college tuition. He successfully blocked Republican Governor Pete Wilson’s proposal to increase community college tuition from $10 to $30 per unit. Because of this, citizens saved millions of dollars for California students. As a Progressive Political Analyst on KNBC-TV, he spoke out against President Bush’s plan to start the war in Iraq. Recently, on Sky News Australia TV as a strong advocate against Russia-U.S.-NATO war in Ukraine and for a diplomatic solution. On CNN and CNN International, he recently analyzed and advocated for President Biden’s Build Back Better Plan to strengthen U.S. social and physical infrastructure. For the last three years, Peter’s been a Progressive Political Analyst on current issues on CNN International, KTLA-5, Sky News UK, Sky News Australia, and Al Jazeera English Television. After serving for several years as a Progressive Political Analyst on KEIB-AM 1150 in Los Angeles, I guest hosted several programs on KPFK 90.7 FM Pacifica radio. He also hosted my own podcast on YouTube, “Standing Up for Economic and Social Justice”. After filing his candidacy about a month ago, Ihe announced his candidacy on the world-wide progressive television network “The Young Turks” ( in front of millions of viewers

On June 7, 2022, California voters will engage in one of the nation’s few top two non-partisan primaries: any registered voter, regardless of political party can vote for any candidate regardless of party. The top two vote-getters, regardless of party, win the primary and will face each other in the November 8, 2022 General Election. Since the vast majority of the 42nd District voters are registered Democrats, and only 19 percent of the voters are registered Republicans, it is most likely that the top two vote-getters will be Democrats. With your help and Professor Peter Mathews will be the top Democrat in the Primary Election and proceed to win the General Election in November.

In addition to organizations that have endorsed us in the past, such as California Progressive Alliance, Progressive Democratic Club, and Our Revolution Long Beach, we are working to capture the endorsements of Progressive Democrats of America (PDA), Sierra Club, Teachers Association of Long Beach (TALB), California Teachers Association (CTA), the AFL-CIO, Sunrise Movement, and the UNITE HERE!