David Carmell


David Carmell author of THE APPOINTMENTS

David Carmell author of THE APPOINTMENTS

David Carmell, a Washington-based lawyer, lobbyist and adjunct law school professor at Georgetown, delves deep into the dark side of the government in his debut book, APPOINTMENTS: A NOVEL OF LIFE IN OUR STATE’S CAPITOL. The book is a perfect blend of a political thriller and morality tale, Carmell seamlessly combines scandal, intrigue and political aspiration by chronicling the fictitious Alabama State Senator Augustus Williams’ journey to become the South’s first white Supreme Court justice. Blindsided by his own greedy ambition, Williams will do anything to make this dream a reality, which results in unforeseen consequences for his career, his loved ones, and the 2016 election. APPOINTMENTS addresses the single, most important moral question: What would you sacrifice in order to make a dream come true? Podcast of the interview Download:


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