About Donna Carol Voss

A Berkeley grad who climbed the corporate ladder to become a successful

businesswoman, Donna Carol Voss is also now a wife, mother to three adopted siblings,

and an author whose opinions have been widely read in the Blaze, Huff Po, and the

Federalist as well as in her books. The purveyor of Original Thinking for 21 st  Century

Living, Donna cuts through the emotionalism of to provide a clearer look at many of the

hot-button issues of our times.

New Book:

Hail To The Chief – 10 Questions To Ask Every Oval Office Candidate is a cross-

party, must-read for every voter that wants to put thought behind their vote. No

candidate for The White house should elude these questions.

Learn more about Donna Voss and her books Hail To The Chief and One of

Everything at www.donnacarolvoss.com

Hail To The Chief and One of Everything are available