‘DEPLORABLE FRAGRANCE’ / Fun Holiday Week Segment / Laura Deming & Timothy Shea


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The idea came easy for former Navy Officer Laura Deming. After hearing Hillary Clinton called Trump supporters “a basket of deplorables” she new it was time to act. That was followed by Peter Strzok texting his friend Lisa Page, “I’m in a Walmart in Southern Virginia and I can just smell the Trump support”. Thus was born – ‘Deplorable Fragrances’ (www.cult45llc.com).

“I figured I’d create a scent to go with the Trump movement,” says Deming. Now she and her business partner, and former host of ‘RedNationRising’, Timothy Shea are selling ‘Deplorable’ & ‘Deplorable Dude’ perfume and cologne coast to coast (see short client bios below).

“We needed to make sure the Trump support we are seeing also had a fragrance that every liberal could smell,” says Shea. “With Deplorable & Deplorable Dude’ we have such a scent and one that’s a perfect Christmas gift for the Trump supporter in your family.”

Cult45 LLC., is a veteran own business and ‘Deplorable’ and ‘Deplorable Dude’ fragrances are made entirely in the USA.

How did the two of you get the idea?
What’s it smell like?
Why it’s the perfect gift for Trump supporters?
Why it’s important that it’s made in the USA


Laura Deming is a former Navy Officer (LT); the widowed single mother of a teenage daughter and a 12-year-old son, who has autism; a breast cancer survivor; a nurse practitioner helping parents with special needs children, and someone who simply has no quit in her.

Timothy Shea has been active in politics deep behind enemy lines in the Northeast for 50 years. Timothy is an award-winning competitive public speaker, a political pundit, and a former host of Radio RedNationRising. As a serial entrepreneur and sales and marketing consultant, he is advising Laura on her business.