Diane Bucci-The Return of Mikey


Diane Bucci-The Return of Mikey

Diane Bucci was born in Muskogee, Oklahoma, but has lived most of her life in Colorado. She married and had two children, Susie and Mikey. Mikey was diagnosed with mild autism when he was three years old. Diane devoted herself to becoming educated in a psychological disorder that little was written about at that time. Frustrated with the lack of information that was available; Diane rewrote the brochure for the Colorado Association for Autistic persons and was elected president of that organization.

Diane began writing short humorous stories about Mikey when he was young, and she was juggling responsibilities of motherhood, jobs, and non-profit work. She has spent most of her professional career as a retail manager but enjoys writing in her spare time. Diane currently resides in Colorado with her longtime companion, Sneakers the cat.

Date Recorded: 4/28/2012

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