Do you remember where you were? Army Wife & How that fateful day impacted Military Families


About Army Wife

Army Wife begins in the summer of 1969, when the author meets West Point Cadet Dick Cody. A schoolgirl crush and six years of dating turns into an enduring love story and more than thirty years of marriage. Vicki is by Dicks side every step of the way on his path from lieutenant to four-star general and Vice Chief of Staff of the Army, and over the years she learns to embrace the uniqueness of her circumstances, finding joy, self-fulfillment, and pride in her role. But when both her sons follow in their dad’s footsteps, becoming Army Aviators and flying Apache helicopters in combat zones in Afghanistan and Iraq, Cody faces her greatest challenges as a mother. From the last days of the Vietnam War to the present-day war on terrorism, Army Wife honors not just commitment between spouses but also a commitment to military life. With humor and honesty, Cody brings the reader into her private life in a very personal way–and in doing so, she opens the way for a broader view of world events of the past forty years.

About Fly Safe
It is August 1990, and Iraq has just invaded Kuwait, setting off a chain reaction of events that leads to the first Gulf War. Vicki Cody’s husband, the commander of an elite Apache helicopter battalion, is deployed to Saudi Arabia and for the next nine months they have to rely
on written letters in order to stay connected. Vicki’s narrative and journal entries illuminate the roller coaster of stress, loneliness, sleepless nights, humor, joys, and, eventually, resilience
that make up her life while her husband is away at war. Meanwhile, Dicks letters to her give the reader a front-row seat to the unfolding of history, the adrenaline rush of flying helicopters in combat, his commitment to his country, and his devotion to his family back home. Together, these three components weave together a clear, insightful, and intimate story of love
and its power to sustain us.