Donna Carol Voss 10/31/2017


About Donna Carol Voss
From Berkeley radical to corporate businesswoman to stay-at- home mother of three
adopted siblings, Donna Carol Voss’s life experience gives her a unique vantage. She
writes edgy political and cultural commentary for the Washington Post, the Federalist,
the Blaze, and the Huffington Post on topics her mother told her are never discussed in
polite society: politics, religion, and sex. Donna is the author of three books, and her
fourth book Nothing to Apologize For: The Truth About Western Civilization was released
August 15. She received her undergraduate degree from UC Berkeley and her MBA from
San Diego State University.
Nothing to Apologize For: The Truth About Western Civilization — Explores Western
Civilization’s impact on the world through reason, freedom, individuality, ingenuity, and
the great experiment known as America. Argues the need teach Western Culture in
America in context—good, bad, and ugly—before it’s gone.
Deep Dive: Sanctuary Cities with Brian Peyton Joyner —takes an in-depth look at the
hot button issue of how we handle 11 million foreign nationals who reside in our
country illegally.
Hail to the Chief! 10 Questions to Ask Every Oval Office Candidate —Lays out the ten
most important questions to ask any candidate who wants to lead our great country.
One of Everything: A Memoir — Traces the transformative life storythat brought Donna
from charm school to Berkeley to pagan to Mormon and beyond.
A compelling read driven by raw emotion and brutal honesty, One of
Everything makes readers want to revisit and reassess their own life’s journey.
—James Frey, A Million Little Pieces

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