Dr Tony 11/29/2016


from irwin zucker — full confirmation — your guest at 1:15 pm CA time will be a clinical psychologist, certified herbalist & nutritionist
Dr. Tony O’Donnell, Ph.D.— author of l5 books, mostly health books (with the exception of one in the business field, “How to Think Like a Millionaire”) —

you can google more info by going to the title, adding the words “the book by Dr. Tony O’Donnell” – make sure it’s his book, not others with the same title by other authors

Dr. Tony is from Ireland and is a major name in the health field – this “Millionaire” book has great advice – from stumbling blocks to stepping stones, furnishing us with the mindset of the wealthy

He has quite a story to tell, growing up in a big family in Ireland…family members were dying at too young an age…Tony decided to help himself, consulting with countless doctors and eminent mentors in thehealth field…what are his secrets to healing oneself??? what are the best diet tips he has for us???

his goal is to help as many people as possible every day…you have only one life, he keeps telling everyone, so be in charge, he advises Dr. Tony has many products he sells to the public–ask him what are the most helpful

among his books are — Miracle Super Foods That Heal
Miracle Weight Loss
Miracle Pain Relief Secrets
Miracle Detox Secrets
Mindful Romance (on relationships)
Corporate Hijack (a new thriller)