Emiliano Forino Procacci 6.14.18


About the book The Secrets of Motivation and Personal Growth:

The use of clear and informative language and the reference to actual experiences of daily life make The Secrets of Motivation and Personal Growth a motivational “classic” for those who intend to embark on a journey of personal growth.

If you want to find out how to improve your communication skills or just get out of your comfort zone, all you need to do is accept the author’s invitation to join him on the journey that will make you discover the potential you have.

Inside of you, in this very moment, there is the strength that you need to face any challenge, you just have to figure out how to bring it out, because you are not like a drifting ship. You are the key that can trigger the change.

About Emiliano Forino Procacci:

Emiliano Forino Procacci, from Rome, Italy, is an author who deals with psychology. He won the Golden Book Award with his book Communicating for Success: The Secret of Persuasion, and was finalist at the International Book Awards.

He is an expert in the field of verbal and non-verbal communication and the coding/decoding of facial expressions. He holds lectures and consulting sessions for institutions and corporations on techniques for facial recognition, which can be useful when selecting personnel and whenever it is necessary to identify lie detector signals (for judiciary, civil and military purposes). He invented a revolutionary method based on micro expressions and body language.