Expert Available: Ex-Gays And Free Speech Advocates Plan March On Washington In Wake Of New Draconian California Law


Jeffrey McCall. I am founder of The Freedom March and ForSuchATime ministry. I lived in homosexual/transgender life for years until following after Jesus Christ. My whole life has changed and I want others to experience his life changing love also.



CONCERNED PARENT/ANALYST: Elizabeth Johnston, is a traditional values activist, publisher of and concerned MOTHER OF 10 CHILDREN.

Free speech advocates and ex-gays have decided to take to the streets on May 5th, in the wake of a troubling California bill that would ban the sale of books that include the testimonies of ex-gays. The Freedom March at the Sylvan Theater in Washington D.C. on Saturday, May 5, 2018, is “a celebration of freedom from homosexuality through Jesus Christ – and our constitutional right to say so,” say the event organizers.
Luis Javier Ruiz, a survivor of the Pulse gay nightclub shooting and a speaker at the event testifies of liberation from homosexuality through Jesus, who “didn’t just change my life, but exchanged my life for His.” Speaker Kasondra Watkings, President and founder of Justice Uncensored, states, “I am looking forward to standing with this amazing group of people. The Freedom March is going to be a great demonstration of justice for this people group whose stories have yet to be told.”

A bill that was passed by the California Assembly and is being debated in the state senate right now – AB 2943 – bans the sale of “goods and services” that encourage one to change their sexual orientation or gender expression. “Goods” like the Bible, DVDs, and CD series, created by ex-gays and ministries that engage the homosexual population with the Gospel would be banned. There’s no exemption for religious organizations or any consideration as to whether those feelings of same-sex attraction or gender expressions are wanted or unwanted. The bill targets a specific type of speech for censorship, and levels severe penalties – injunctions silencing their speech, punitive damages, and attorneys’ fees.

Studies show many who experience same-sex attraction don’t want to and choose to leave the lifestyle. Freedom March organizers want to know why Californians want to silence their choice to share their story. Event Founder Jeffrey McCall states, “Everyone in this country gets to speak their ideals and beliefs freely, so why can’t we tell our stories?”

“This is an extremely important and ground-breaking moment, as the LGBTQ community is clamping down to silence the testimonies of people who have come out of those lifestyles to follow Jesus Christ,” says Elizabeth Johnston, aka The Activist Mommy, who will speak at the event. “Their stories give us hope that freedom is possible in a world awash with gender confusion and sexual addiction!”

Organizers are calling all believers and lovers of free speech to the Freedom March in the nation’s capital on May 5. The event will be from 12 noon to 3 p.m. at the Sylvan Theater. At 3:30 p.m., participants will depart for the march.

BIO: Elizabeth is an Activist Vlogger who educates and inspires the public on the burning social and moral issues of the day that are important to families. She and her husband Patrick, who is a medical doctor, author, and movie producer, have been pro-life ministry leaders for many years and home educate their 10 beautiful children. The growing threat to America’s children and the vicious attack on religious liberty is what dynamited Elizabeth out of her comfort zone to inspire a nation of belittled conservatives and Christians to “come out of their closets” and boldly take their country back. Elizabeth daily triggers the left by confronting the issues of abortion, sexual exploitation, obscenity, and feminism, with wit and snark like only she can. She regularly posts viral commentary videos which have netted over 70 million views. Elizabeth has been featured on many major media outlets, such as Fox News, The New York Times, The Washington Times, Newsweek, The Blaze and Christian Broadcasting Network, as she has become a thought leader on topics of importance to families. The pulse behind all her activism and cultural commentary is her love for her family and her Savior, Jesus Christ.




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