Expert: Leading Democrat Enjoys Popular Support From Liberals To #HuntRepublicans


“The Democratic strategist from New Jersey who came under fire for tweeting the hashtag “#HuntRepublicans” shortly after last week’s congressional shooting sparred on air with a Fox News host over the matter Tuesday night.

James Devine, a longtime Democratic operative from Union County who once ran for mayor of Rahway, appeared on Tucker Carlson’s show to speak about the comments he published on Twitter last Wednesday after a shooter opened fire on Republican members of Congress who were practicing in Virginia for an upcoming congressional baseball game.

U.S. Rep. Steve Scalise (R-La.) was wounded in the incident. His condition was upgraded from critical to serious this weekend.

When Devine appeared on camera Tuesday Carlson told him it’s “hard to imagine” justifying those tweet in the wake of the shooting.

Devine said it’s “not uncommon in politics to use the language of war” and stressed he was “absolutely not” encouraging or condoning violence.

He argued that Democrats need to “fight fire with fire” after Republicans have spent decades using “violent rhetoric” that appears to promote violence.”