Fall Weather & Pets


Fall Weather & Pets

Fall Weather & Pets Fall weather affects pets just as much as their people. While we are taking precautions to protect ourselves from the cooler temperatures as well as other weather and environmental changes, we need to safeguard our dogs and cats, too! Petrendologist Charlotte Reed and Michael Fleck, DVM can share their top tips for dealing with changing weather conditions; treating allergies, arthritis and shedding; handling parasites; selecting the best and most popular seasonal apparel including Halloween costumes and celebrating with safety.

About Petrendologist Charlotte Reed Charlotte Reed is the leading pet trend & lifestyle expert. Millions have had the opportunity to watch her on Better TV, CNN, Comedy Central, Fox & Friends, Nate Berkus, The View, Steve Harvey, Today’s Show, VH1 and The Willis Report as well as many other televisions shows around the globe, discussing “The What’s New” for pets and their people. Reed is the Pet Solutions columnist for First for Women magazine, providing money saving tips to their readers. Charlotte also writes for NBC’s Petside.com and Pet360.com. As the Happy & Healthy Pets blogger, she provided health and wellness pet care tips for Prevention.com readers. Charlotte is also the author of The Miss Fido Manners Complete Book of Dog Etiquette (Adams Media, 2007). Additionally, Charlotte served on the New York State Veterinarian Board for nine years, helping to set veterinary policy and educational standards for the State of New York. Reed is a graduate of Lafayette College and Fordham University Law School. About Michael C. Fleck, DVM Dr. Michael Fleck practices at the Animal Medical Center of Bradenton, Florida, focusing on small animals. Fleck has been practicing Veterinary Medicine for over 35 years. He earned a Bachelor of Science and a degree in Veterinary Medicine from Michigan State University. Additionally, he has a Master’s degree in Reproductive Physiology from Western Michigan University. He has owned and operated veterinary practices in Michigan, Florida and Guam. In 2005, Dr. Fleck started Epiderma Pet which has developed pet skin, ear care and other products under the trademark name, Epi-Pet. Dr. Fleck also lectures and around the world primarily on the topic of skin and ear care for the companion animals. Fleck is an active member of the American Veterinary Medical Association, the veterinary medical associations of California, Michigan and Florida. Podcast of the interview Download:


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