Fixing Virtual Meetings, Why Simple Software Changes Don’t Cut it; Intv. w/ Tech Inventor


Fixing virtual meetings is all the buzz these days. Would you like to interview Ian Foster, Founder and CEO of Center Cam, on why the camera itself is the most important fix of all? Center Cam, the world’s middle-screen HD webcam, aims to deliver A Better Human-to-Human Connection Online through natural eye contact. Center Cam has been featured in Gadget Flow, Geeky-Gadgets, The Gadgeteer, CBS and more!

Just this week, Microsoft announced new features coming to Windows 11 that highlight its vision for the future of hybrid work. Among them is a feature that makes it appear as if the speaker is looking at the camera. It’s a cool programming trick, but it leaves the person on camera stuck and unsure of where to look while AI tries to compensate.

There’s no need for compensation with Center Cam, a middle-screen webcam that actually does allow the user to look directly at the camera with ease while participating in virtual meetings. Foster created Center Cam as a solution to a problem– Ian was interning as a counselor just as Covid hit, forcing the young men he was counseling to engage virtually. But current webcam technology created a major distraction as no one knew where to look and the rapport that had been developed was lost. Ian can provide expert commentary on:

Why the camera itself is the most important consideration to be made when “fixing” virtual meetings.

How middle-screen cameras like Center Cam work, keeping the focus on true participant engagement.

The story behind Center Cam and what drove Foster to invent it as a solution during the pandemic.

Thank you for your time and please do let me know if you’d like to arrange an interview with Ian in the near future.