Friday’s TalkRadioX / KjagRadio / FFR programming (4/20) , LIVE at 5pm eastern!

Final Frontier’s Rick Busby sits in on the BIGG Show for Jiggy Jaguar for a very packed, crazy show LIVE at 5pm – 7pm eastern! What’s on deck? Here ya go!

Kyla from Dialin Watts – 5:05pm : Dialin Watts started in the winter of 2008. They have been described as having sounds straight out of a vampire flick sound track (Mikey would like to note that this was stated before the Twilight series came out).

Brock Larobb – 5:15pm : Brock LaRob doesn’t flirt with opinions, he expresses them like a hacking cough. Rough, humorous, tough, jolly and many times s pot on about life’s many peculiarities, Brock has been with us for a long time and is always guaranteed to bring intriguing , interesting material.

Malcolm Out Loud – 5:30pm : Malcolm Out Loud is a national news and political commentator and the host of the WebTV channel www.MalcolmOutLoud.TV, home of his news magazine. He is also a published author, speaker and the talent behind a daily radio feature, the Out Loud Minute.
Every day Malcolm leads an assault on mediocrity, constantly inspiring others to get Out Loud in every aspect of their lives.

Marshall Seese – 6:00pm : Marshall first started playing guitar when he found his granddad’s old bass ukelele at the age of 12, but he didn’t pick it up like most kids do – he picked it up backwards. And despite teachers trying to get him to switch, he still plays a right-handed guitar — but he plays it left-handed. Not long after finding the ukelele, Marshall began writing songs. He says, “writing songs to me is like hunting for dinosaur bones (without all the khaki) – I believe the songs are already written, and I’m just trying to uncover them.” The songs he uncovers are best described as a cocktail – take 2 parts Cat Stevens for every 1 part Tom Petty, then sprinkle a little Ryan Adams on top.

Veer Union – 6:15pm) : The band was formed in 2004 by founders Crispin Earl, and Eric Schraeder, under the original name of “Veer”. The band released one independent album, Time to Break the Spell, in 2006. After the albums release, and touring with bands like Hinder, Theory of a Deadman, Seether and Black Stone Cherry, the band was able to attract major label interest, and signed a record deal with Universal Motown Records.

Nicole Taylor 6:30pm : Sassy, irreverent, sarcastic, off beat, Nicole Taylor launches on to the World Wide Pop charts with her latest single I’m Your ****. More than a nod to the great Leonard Cohen’s I’m Your Man, Nicole kneels down offering the ultimate submission. Blending her unique, lithe, angelic vocals over cheery, spacey instrumentation her music manages to hold your attention while your mind distractedly wanders, roller skating through the 80’s tapestry smiling and nodding dumbly.
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