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Back from an emotional and crazy cathartic show on June 29th, Rick’s back filling in for Jiggy with the Jiggy Jaguar show, LIVE at 5pm to 7pm eastern .. What’s on deck? 
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 Justin Kelly

Listed as Friday’s Must See TV show, STARZ original hit series, Magic City soaks up the glamour and fashion of the 1950’s. With the show’s ratings continuing to climb, more and more buzz is being generated across the social media spheres from people who want to know more about the show.

 A period drama set in luxurious Miramar Playa Hotel in Miami Beach; Magic City is full of mystery and suspense. With his work on the set, Justin Kelley gives a inside look behind the scenes.


Angela Hagenbach

A Kansas City business women, owner of AH Entertainment, Inc. and Eden’s Gate’s Music, Hagenbach launched Amazon Records® to release her 1994 debut recording Come Fly With Me. She has since produced and released multiple recordings. Her albums garnered critical praise from JazzTimes, Cadence and National Public Radio. Jazz historian Scott Yanow listed Hagenbach as one of The 521 Great Jazz Singers in his 2008 publication, The Great Jazz Singer’s ~The Ultimate Guide.



Frank Cipolla

When we think of the media, the first thing that usually pops into our minds are the evening news broadcasts and our favorite anchors. We sit back and watch as national and local news unfolds and formulate our opinions based on much of what we hear and see from the media, but we never get the chance to go behind the scenes. Similar to the stories it covers, news stations have just as much life and color occurring behind the cameras. Frank Cipolla, an award winning news broadcaster, reveals just how much goes into delivering the news that we never get to see in a witty, fun, and informative way through his book, “It Shocked Even Us! And More Crazy Stories Covering Local News”


Podcast of the interview Download:


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