George Green


after spending 38 years with the nation’s first round-the-clock all talk radio station (KABC Radio, Los Angeles, winding up his last several years there at general mgr. and president) he reinvented himself first as an agent for Hollywood stars and celebrities and then became an author…

now has 15 books to his credit, 12 of them children’s books in the animal series genre…there’s a special message in each book–have George elucidate the message in the Zebra book, how it relates to all of us in so many different ways…

his newest book is a children’s book, “Zookie, the Zebra Who Lost His Stripes”…a book dedicated to Green’s buddy of over 60 years, book publicist Irwin Zucker (who was known as Zookie as a kid growing up in Brooklyn)–the two first met at a Hollywood barber shop when Zucker was getting his hair cut by George’s Dad, Harry, who should’ve written a book, “Hollywood Stars I Have Clipped” but he never got around to it

you can go to George’s website for more info on him and you can also google
the title of the Zebra book which has a great message for kids…George also lists interesting trivia about Zebra at the end of the book, which is beautifully illustrated