Guest Available: Rob Porter’s Wives, Do I Believe The Women? This May Shock You


“Do I believe the women? Honestly, at this point, I don’t know. But, what I’ve discovered that NO mainstream media outlet has reported is chilling if not threatening to our culture.

I certainly want to believe women. I live in a state, Georgia, where one in three women will be abused in their lifetime. This is tragic.

What is also tragic is a country allowing itself to lose due process.

One of Pres. Trumps top aides, Rob Porter, resigned last week because two ex-wives accused him of abuse. What I find most fascinating about this story is the fact that Porter had just written the most successful speech and presentation of policy by Pres. Trump yet: The State of the Union Speech. It was met with and over 80% approval rating. Porter clearly was a rising star in the Trump administration.

Now? Gone! Finished over abuse allegations from eight and fifteen years ago. Pardon me if I find this scandal a bit odd in terms of timing.”