Guest: DR. ROBERT J. BLACKMAN -Renaissance Doctor of the New Millennium!


He created Premptive Medicine of Art and Healing. Cure the Cancer, Heal the Pain, Feel the Magic. Convert Stress to power. Inventor of the RESTOBICS PB & E CHAIR.

Dr. Blackman makes house calls. If you’re not in the Riverside, California area, you can have a one on one session with Dr. Blackman over the internet or in some cases travel to your home.

40 plus years as a doctor of chiropractic, Dr. Blackman’s vast experience, challenges the conventional model of fitness, where he observed how people were overexercised, overworking the heart and brain, putting tremendous stress on the spine and muscular skeletal system and most importantly, the central nervous system. He is alarmed by the injury rate.

Dr. Blackman saw a study, in a journal on fitness and conditioning, where out of 199 people, there were 122, varying degrees of injury, putting the injury rate, at a staggering 73.5%!

He also saw, that most, in a “normal gym”, were actually unfit!! They were overexercised, overtired and the level of repetitive injuries from overuse were skyrocketing! Over taxing the heart and brain, could result in a statistical nightmare, showing how there is most likely, a potential for breakdown.

Dr. Blackman decided, it was NOW time for a C-change! In Riverside, CA Dr. Blackman turned, the exercise world, on it’s head. He showed you how to break old habits of overuse and institutionalized abuse, into a “breath of fresh air”, redefining an industry that is badly broken.


BIO: Dr. Blackman graduated in 1970 from Columbia Institute of Chiropractic in Manhattan, NY. He has been a holistic doctor of chiropractic medicine for over 40 years and has had literally decades of R & D in healing arts. He has found in order to truly be well, you must treat “the whole person” body, mind and spirit.

He opened the first holistic health center in San Francisco, CA in 1980. His “Front and Back Holistic Health Center” is a healing center practicing in healthcare and fitness: drug free, non invasive, and non toxic treatment.

Dr. Blackman was the first to treat combat vets for PTSD, and was one of the first to use his methods to treat AIDS patients, which at that time (1981) , was not diagnosable.

He shows his clients how and why you have to “Cure the Cancer. Heal the Pain. Feel the Magic.”

Dr. Robert J. Blackman, author of “The Antidote: A Window to the Unimaginable”.

His book brings to light, an epidemic of the new millennium, called DEAD-D (Depleted Exhausted Apathetic Denial-Disease) which is far worse than AIDS. His book is playful with many great characters such as: Senor Don T-Rump and El-Don Hubbub. America then becomes “In the land of “Unfit humanures”. Dr. Blackman brings to you, “The Antidote: A Window to the Unimaginable”.