Guest Live From CPAC: Will Trump Get Booed At CPAC For Pushing DACA Dreamer Amnesty?


Focus on ‘Dreamers’ breeds resentment from other illegals…’DACA sense of entitlement’…

“Attorney General Jeff Sessions says striking a deal on the issue of the President Obama-created Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program could be the “last real opportunity” for Americans to see a legal immigration system that works in their interests, rather than against them.

In an interview with Fox News’ Maria Bartiromo, Sessions said the White House-backed immigration plan that business-first Republicans and Democrats blocked was a missed chance for Americans to see relief in an immigration system that would have eventually ended the mass importation of more than one million mostly low-skilled foreign workers every year. Sessions said:

Look, this is an opportunity for the American people, maybe our last real opportunity, to create an immigration system that’s lawful, that ends the lawlessness, the illegality, and serves the national interest. … President Trump’s plan is strong, the Grassley bill included that pretty effectively, it’s the kind of legislation I think could work, that I supported. And it didn’t pass.” [Emphasis added]

But, I got to say, we have got to talk about this as a nation. We need … President Trump’s plan calls for ending the illegality, having real enforcement with a border wall, it calls for a merit-based system, instead of the chain migration, it calls for ending the Visa Lottery, which is a ridiculous policy and always has been. … Why we can’t get that done baffles me. And I think it’s … the American people are there and we cannot stop, we have got to get this done.” [Emphasis added]”