Guest: Norm Novitsky/In Search of Liberty


Americans know more about Simpsons than First Amendment

New film, “In Search of Liberty”, entertains while educating
audiences of all ages about our forgotten Constitution

Producer/Director Norm Novitsky launches crowd funding campaign
to support movie’s marketing and national distribution

A telephone survey sponsored by Chicago’s McCormick Tribune Foundation found that 22% of Americans could name all five Simpson family members, (Homer, Marge, Bart, Lisa, Maggie),but only one in 1,000 (1/10 of 1%) could name all five First Amendment freedoms (religion, speech, press, assembly, petition for redress of grievances). (1)

“Due to our declining educational system, most Americans know very little about the contents of the US Constitution, its history, and why the document is relevant to their daily lives,” says film producer and director Norm Novitsky, who is on a mission to raise America’s awareness and understanding of the Constitution with the upcoming release of his new dramatic-comedy movie, In Search of Liberty.

In Novinsky’s film, a captivating historical figure from the past takes a modern day family on an eye-opening adventure to discover what the Constitution is really all about, where it came from, and how over the years it has been systematically neglected and nullified by some in power.

“The movie, which has been described as ‘Ben Franklin meets Back to the Future’, isn’t meant to turn those who watch it into constitutional scholars,” says Novitsky. “Our goal is to entertain audiences with a great story that portrays the Constitution’s purpose and importance, and shows us what our lives might be like if it were to be lost or abandoned.”

Novitsky says that he, co-producer Eric Sherman, and co-producer/writer Tom Solari structured the film to provide enough understanding of the Constitution so that citizens who watch it will be able to differentiate between politicians who, knowingly or unknowingly, disregard the Constitution and lead the nation down the road to ruin, and politicians who understand the Constitution’s importance and will fight to restore it and safeguard it.

Novitsky says his feature-length film touches upon and examines many key issues, such as the unconstitutionality of America’s present monetary system, the unconstitutional prohibition of school prayer, the function of the Second Amendment as a check against government tyranny, as well as the widespread disregard for the Constitution which has transformed Congress and Washington into a “House of Horrors”.

“Nobody can win in a game when they don’t know the rules,” says Novitsky. “Our Constitution is our nation’s official rulebook. It’s the set of rules which govern life in these United States, so it must be taught in terms that every man, woman, and child can clearly understand. We made our film, In search of Liberty, to help that education process.”