Herbie J Pilato, whose latest book is “Mary: The Mary Tyler Moore Story,


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Female Empowerment–how Mary Tyler Moore became one of the most famous and beloved TV & movie stars of all time–amazing life

One of TV’s First Female Executives–one good position led to another for her in the entertainment world–let Herbie explain the steps

Her parents–growing up in small towns dreaming of becoming A STAR–Herbie will tell you about her parents and other relatives

Her son–from her first marriage–she loves him dearly but he died
tragically, breaking her heart — ask Herbie for the details

Her three marriages–only her last one to a doctor was truly a
happy — ask Herbie to talk about her two failed marriages

The Dick Van Dyke Show — Mary starred on this popular TV show with people thinking Dick & Mary was a married couple in real life

Her cosmetic surgery–boy, she sure had a lot of plastic surgery, but why? ask Herbie to expound on this personal aspect of her life

Her inability to form personal strong bonds with women in real life–let’s get more about all this from Herbie’s viewpoints –ask him to explain

Her lack of self-esteem–Herbie, tell us more about this

Her failure to find TV fame beyond The Dick Van Dyke Show and The Mary Tyler Moore Show–what should we know, Herbie…fill us in

Her animal advocacy–what is this all about? what should we know?

Her diabetes–what effect was this on her life?

Her alcoholism–and what effect was this on her life…ask Herbie