How can we, as sovereign World Citizens Govern our World?




In 1993, Garry Davis, operating on behalf of world citizens, engaged organizational cybernetics pioneer Stafford Beer to join him in developing and testing an interactive system for ordinary people to have a real voice in governing spaceship Earth. Come hear about their early experiments and how we can now use the Syntegrity process and protocol to co-create whole system solutions to the Core Questions on Humanity’s Table:

How can world citizens evolve world law to:

–to avoid a world war?
–prevent ecocide to ensure a healthy planetary civilization?
–engage in implementing the Universal Declaration of Human Rights?

Left to Right:

Dr. David Beatty is the World Syntegrity Project Co-ordinator and a Founding Member of Team Syntegrity International. He was a Research Director of Individual and Organizational Learning at the Unesco Centre for Water Education, Netherlands.

Dr. Allenna Leonard, former president of the American Society for Cybernetics and the International Society for the Systems Sciences, is an American cyberneticist and Director of Cwarel Isaf Institute specializing in the application of Stafford Beer‘s Viable System Model and Team Syntegrity Process.

David Gallup is the President of the World Service Authority which carries on the work of Garry Davis.