Hungary and EU Duplicity & Hypocrisy


As always, the corrupt anti-Christian globalist leftist Western Media, have been blatantly deceiving the American people about the facts regarding this very important Hungarian election, because they were hoping he would be defeated.

After all, the Western Media has been goose stepping in unison in their relentless attempt to smear Orban as a Fascist anti-democratic dictator, who is suppressing the LGBTQ community and a hater of Muslims.

They are also accusing him of being an ally of Putin vis a vis Ukraine.

On all counts, these malicious cretins are not only being mendacious, but also duplicitous and hypocritical to the nth degree.

On the 3rd April 2022, Viktor Orbán declared his landslide victory for a fourth successive term win as Hungary’s prime minister, contrary to all the usual leftist globalist ‘expert’ predictions, that he will suffer a close fight.

With nearly 86% of the vote counted on Sunday night, Orban’s Fidesz party was on course to increase its parliamentary majority by winning 135 seats out of the 199-member parliament, crushing a six-party opposition bloc that united to form a common front aimed at unseating him.

Viktor Orban was greeted with rapturous chants of “Viktor, Viktor” as he addressed supporters of his Fidesz party in Budapest as results made the scale of his victory conclusive.

As a Christian, Viktor Orban refuses to allow Muslims into Hungary for the simplest and most perfect of reasons: Muslims are prohibited by Allah’s Sharia from ever assimilating, integrating or becoming loyal citizens under non-Muslims (Kuffar/ Infidels).

Orban believes that Europe should always be a Christian continent and most assuredly starting with Hungary. Orban is therefore NOT anti-Muslim (people), but most definitely anti Sharia (scripture).

It is obvious that he has read Muhammad’s Quran while all the Western leaders either never bothered to read the Quran or are in full denial of all facts and reality otherwise, they would have implemented the same rules in their countries.

To make sure that readers realise how serious my statements are, I challenge any of you to find a single operative verse in Muhammad’s Quran that shows any compassion and mercy to Unbelievers/ Kuffar, because every single Sharia compliant Muslim is mandated to be the Eternal and Mortal enemy of every human being who is NOT a Muslim (currently 80% of humanity).

After all, mass Muslim migration (actually Hijra invasion) of Europe has brought with it the following indisputable catastrophic consequences: drug trafficking, rape, rising crime, Christian girls used as sex slaves, violent anti-Semitism, no-go zones and the proliferation of jihad ideology and mass murder attacks against the indigenous people by 3rd generation Muslims who are prohibited from integrating among Christian Infidels.

The duplicity and hypocrisy exhibited by those who vilify Orban among the EU and Western media becomes crystal clear, since one never reads the same media criticizing abhorrent Islamic practices – not even the most abusive and deadly acts – against gays, women and apostates. Yet, anyone who seeks to uphold traditional Christian values, on the other hand, is automatically accused of racism, the Islamophobia oxymoron and or bigotry.

Therefore, based entirely upon the Islamic scripture and logic, Victor Orban is most assuredly not anti-Muslim.

The European Union is on a head on collision not only with Hungary regarding the same issues mentioned herein, but also with Poland and other countries who want the same.

The EU leaders are NOT elected by the people. They are a self-serving elite who are abusing their power because they truly believe that they and only they, know what is best for we – everyday human beings – who are not as intelligent as they are. This is not sarcasm because unfortunately, this is exactly how they look down on us, mere mortals.

The LGBTQ community has rights and freedoms under Hungarian law, contrary to the deliberately falsified impression given by the mainstream media; but there are rules and regulations that put limits on teaching about homosexuality and transgender issues in schools.

Any reasonable individual should realize that these are topics which should be restricted to and for adults and left out of the classroom. Teachers should not be advisors on sex issues. Such matters should be left to parents in the first place.

The European Commission has launched a legal action against Orban’s government over the new law, saying it is discriminatory and contravenes European values of tolerance and individual freedom. These are interesting statements of lies since the same European Commission never condemns the intolerance and total lack of freedom by Muslims both in their countries and in the West. There is obviously a relentless double standard, weighed heavily against Christians and Christianity.

Orban has rightly accused the EU of abusing its powers and called for a referendum on his child protection law. Contrary to how he is being portrayed by the Leftist media and EU globalists, his call for a referendum proves that he is not the racist, nationalist demagogue who shuts down the views of his people,

The referendum, which the media spun as anti-LGBTQ rights, coincided with Sunday’s parliamentary elections and the absolute majority of Hungarians voted in line with the Orban government.

The same pathetic and hypocritical media have been routinely accusing Orban of being pro Putin just because he has chosen NOT to issue blatant anti-Russian statements that may cause Hungarians to suffer lack of gas and heating if Russia decides to retaliate.

Ironically, the same media ignore the fact that Germany and the EU allowed themselves to be vulnerable to Russian energy retaliation, the very subject that they laughed at Donald J Trump when he warned them of it and predicted this outcome almost four years ago.

Every accusation made against Orban has been a blatant perversion of both Facts and Reality because the criminally negligent/ Fake media are only focused on how to deceive hundreds of millions of people to bring about the Globalist “New, One World Order”.