Icarus Line


Icarus Line

lave Vows, the fifth album from Los Angeles hellions The Icarus Line, is their best yet. The Stooge-ian roar of a band that refuses to die, the new album captures lead singer/producer Joe Cardamone and his charges at their most alive, across songs that slither, lash and rise into venomous crescendos, dark and heroic and seductive and seething. Recorded at Cardamone’s own Valley Recording Company studio in Burbank, California, Slave Vows is released on August 6 in the U.S. on Agitated Records. I’m hoping you’ll consider covering via feature or album review. Please let me know if you need the music. Slave Vows distils The Icarus Line’s past, present and future into 8 tracks and 45 minutes of profoundly uncompromised rock’n’roll; it hurtles from the malevolent glower of opener ‘Dark Circles’, to the slow, corrosive ooze of “Marathon Man,” to the savage explosion of “Dead Body,” to the Sabbath-plays-Funkadelic writhe of “Rat’s Ass.” “Rock’n’roll has been turned into this, like, Motley Crue charade, a parade of fucking dicks,” sighs Joe Cardamone. “It’s the 80s again. It’s crazy how everything I love has been driven back into the underground. That’s where we came from, and that’s where we’ve ended up, and anything else good is back down there too.” Already released in the U.K. It’s been getting some great press including in Kerrang (pictured left) and Mojo (pictured right) and I’m including a small sampling of other U.K. press that’s appeared. Date Recorded: 8/26/2013

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