Interview Op – Matthew Dovel – Teen Suicides: Are we looking at an epidemic?


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Updating you on the progress of the NEW mobile app for teen suicide prevention.

Anonymous, free, 10 minute, fully automated treatment for the cause of depression, anxiety and/or suicidal ideation.

A real Christmas miracle

This is something very new specifically designed for teens.

Recently discovered human memory coding and mind functionality have lead to an exciting breakthrough.

We now know that depression anxiety and suicidal ideation are symptoms of learned behavior as a result of past experiences.

The link in this message takes you to a free, anonymous, 10 minute treatment in the form of a mobile app. Click teen help.

This app is already treating hundreds weekly. It is estimated that around 380 teens attempt suicide each day! We need to stop this now! Please, post and share this information with as many of your friends as you can. You never know who’s life you could save!

International Suicide Prevention

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Matthew D Dovel, president


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