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Created by members of the rock band ZELAZOWA,, Indie on the Move was launched to forge a collaborative environment and reliable informational resource for independent musicians to book their own U.S. tours – for free. The concept behind the site is both a DIY (do it yourself) and DIT (do it together) approach to the music industry, and based primarily on the idea that artists working together, supporting the “scene” (local or otherwise) on a collective basis, are typically more successful than those that go it alone.

While Indie on the Move primarily functions as an open source music venue/band database and interactive tour booking resource, creating an IOTM account can significantly enhance your experience by enabling you to…(and this is just to name a few of the great features)…

Musicians & Industry Professionals

Customize your homepage to stay informed of upcoming local shows, opportunities, new bands, venues, music, photos, videos, etc.
Submit booking inquiries through our internal emailing system to all venue bookers across the U.S.
(inquiries are received from the personal email address affiliated with your IOTM account, i.e.
Rate and review venues from an artist’s/performer’s perspective
Add your favorite venues to our ever-growing database
Receive notifications, follow, and contribute show and band opportunities/availabilities on a local, regional, statewide, and national level
Post classified ads in our Availabilities section
Gig swap and communicate with other IOTM members – from artists and venue bookers to labels, agents, and promoters
Post, follow, and share upcoming shows/events
Upload songs, photos, and videos to your profile – all of which receive internal IOTM cross platform promotion once uploaded and every time viewed
Invite friends/fans to post positive feedback on your profile to help spread the good word

Music Fans

Customize your homepage to discover and follow new artists and stay informed of their upcoming shows, music, photos, videos, etc.
Post photos and videos from events you’ve attended at IOTM venues directly to specific venue profiles
Rate and review clubs from a spectator’s point of view
Post fan feedback and comments on your favorite artists’ profiles
Invite musicians to play your events
Add your favorite venues to our ever-growing database
Locate, contact, and share with other registered Indie on the Move members through an in-depth Profile Address Book

*And please note that all of the venue pages listed on are created, maintained, and managed by Indie on the Move employees.

OK, that’s it for the synopsis. Please enjoy the site!

Venue Testimonials:

“I got all the open time slots filled because of you guys! Thanks sooooo much.” – Mel – Talent Buyer for The Blue Cafe in Huntington Beach, CA

“Oh my god!” I have never gotten so many emails before. I filled a bunch of slots with some really good quality bands from Nashville, Minneapolis, Detroit, Austin, and New York.” – Brian Bender – Talent Buyer for The Elbo Room in Chicago, IL

“My assistant discovered this site and I recently came to check it out. I’d love to know who runs this thing. It’s the most accurate booking info for Portland clubs that I have ever seen. EXTREMELY current as well. I love it!” – Heather, Talent Buyer for Ash Street Saloon in Portland, OR

“It’s great to know that you guys exist, and I KNOW the bands love having you as a valuable resource – we certainly do. And the fact that your service is free is even more amazing!” – Bash – Talent Buyer for The Juggling Gypsy in Wilmington, NC

“We were exceptionally pleased with the quantity and QUALITY of talent that contacted us for filling slots. You are filling an important niche in the music industry.” – Barbara Kenig – Talent Buyer for the Feakin Frog in Las Vegas, NV

Artist Testimonials:

“For us, there is absolutely no tour without Indie on the Move. I can’t imagine a world before this essential tool and outstanding resource existed. Bryan, and the entire IOTM staff have saved us countless hours of research and work by making their site, time and advice readily available to us all. Thank you so much.” – Justin Stang of Sideways Reign – Union, WA

“ is the booking resource for a DIY band in today’s music scene.” – Tyler Reardon of Semester Abroad

“You guys are awsome!!!! I’m telling everyone about this site. The new facebook between bands and venues!!! Thanks for giving back to the little guys!” – Adam Erickson of Red Letter Statement – Farmington, NY

“We’ve said it before, but we’ll say it again. Indie on the Move is great. Any band looking to play outside of their local “Stinky’s Pub” should use this website!” – Merlin – Sterfallixon, IL

“Indie on the Move is the best website to come along in awhile! I have already booked 5 shows in just one day!” – Addison Station – Manchester, CT

“I don’t often take the time to give feedback for a service when I should, so I wanted to make sure that I let you know how great I think Indie On The Move is. I wish I had known about it sooner. We now have our summer tour of 30+ shows booked all independently, and largely due to your website. Indie On The Move was great for filling in open dates and finding places to play in areas of the country that are new to us. In booking past tours I have come across other websites that list music venues, but nothing as comprehensive, up to date, or easy to use as IOTM. We have found this site to be a priceless resource and though I’d love to share it with other artists, I’m tempted to let it remain the best kept secret of touring indie artists. Thanks for your service and I hope it continues to expand and develop.” – Travis T of Eastern Sunz – Portland, OR

“I can’t believe I used to rely on suggestions from friends and google searches to find venues in other towns. You guys are the patron saint of touring bands. Thank you so much, and please never go away.” – Josh of Sad Red – Brooklyn, NY

Date Recorded: 6/4/2012

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