Israeli Leader Hits US Airwaves


TOPIC-Israeli Leader Hits US Airwaves Guest Opportunity: Dr. Bart Rossi – Nationally Renowned Political Psychology Expert Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, spoke on Sunday morning talk shows about the possibility of a nuclear Iran. He made the case that the only way to stop Iran was for the US to draw a ‘red line’ that if crossed would trigger military intervention

Meet Dr. Bart Rossi Doctor Bart Rossi is a licensed psychologist and has a successful practice in New Jersey. He is also the nation’s preeminent ‘Political Psychologist’. His insights into how and why our elected officials do what they do making him invaluable to media outlets trying to make sense of the political mind. He can also speak to the thought process that motivates the domestic terrorist or random shooter. Doctor Rossi is regularly seen on TV speaking to these psychological issues and others.

Date Recorded: 9/25/2012

Podcast of the interview Download:


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