James Rollins


What do James Smithson, the British chemist who founded the Smithsonian, and Alexander Graham Bell have in common with a primordial threat that could devastate humankind? In the hands of #1 New York Times bestselling author James Rollins something all at once frightening and fun!

What Dan Brown does for history and religion—Rollins does for history and science. As he explains,
“As a veterinarian myself, I’ve always loved science, medicine, and technology, especially anything that’s cutting edge and new. In my books, it’s not so much the cogs and wheels of that new bit of science that intrigues me as it is where that technology might be heading and how it might affect or lives—good or bad. The rapid advancement of such technologies often challenges the moral compasses of society and to have that mirrored by my characters during their adventures adds that touch of relevancy to a novel.”

And we live in a time where technology has advanced to the point where even Homeland Security is seriously considering the threat of weaponized insects. We are not living in the Age of Man, but rather—as has been true for over 400 million years—we are living in the Age of Insects. In fact, it is now hypothesized that insects contributed—if not led—to the extinction of the dinosaurs. And this begs the question concerning the insects’ latest competitors for the earth’s dwindling natural resources: Could humans be their next target?

Combining elements of scientific speculation, military suspense, threats of global destruction, and the sheer wonder of a truly unexplored realm, THE DEMON CROWN (William Morrow hardcover, ISBN 9780062381736, $28.99, on sale December 5, 2017) has all the trademark aspects that make a quintessential Sigma thriller while possessing an individuality and inventiveness all its own.

Unlike many of his contemporaries, Rollins doesn’t try to rip his plots from breaking news—he often predicts it. While his works are all firmly grounded in the authenticity of human struggle, and based on dogged, meticulous research into cutting-edge science and unsolved historical mysteries, he takes you beyond the confines of current events and challenges readers to stretch the limits of their imagination, to embrace healthy skepticism about historical fact and speculate on where the future may be headed.

THE DEMON CROWN interlaces simultaneous plotlines that come together to exhume a threat that will decimate humankind. Sigma must travel to disparate locations around the globe to find the key to eliminating the menace. Rollins delivers an edge of your seat, breath in your throat, heart pounding new thriller that provides a fresh, provocative way of looking at the biggest peril to the future of the world