Jay Gutierrez


Jay Gutierrez
Bio: Jay Gutierrez spent 20 years in the Air Force and Army as an F-16 jet engine mechanic and a helicopter engine and airframe mechanic. He was received many awards and has plenty of stories.
One day while flying on a mission he discovered some turquoise and made some jewelry out of it and gave it to some friends. Later he found out those stones were mildly radioactive. He attempted to buy the jewelry back, thinking he may have injured those people he cared about. Remarkably, instead of their being sick, they remained unusually healthy and attributed that health in large part to wearing those stones.Ever since, Jay made it his main mission in life now to help others be aware of the positive energies that were disclosed to us. Jay Gutierrez is considered an expert in the field of “Natural Radiation Hormesis”. Jay and his wife Faye have a facility in a ghost town in southeast Colorado. After traveling several times around the country and working with clients, doctors, healers, and scientists, they have been led down a path of successfully fighting serious degenerative diseases such as cancer. Night Hawk Minerals, their company, is the only U.S. company they are aware of that actively promotes the use of natural radiation hormesis.

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