Jay Izo 4/27/2017


This week in Social Media with Jay Izso, the Internet Doctor:

Whose on First???

Look! Up in the cyberspace! Is it a Bird? Is it a Plane? Is it Facebook? Or Twitter? Or

just Superman? No, it’s LinkedIn…. At the top of the heap!

And now, we have death-abetted by Facebook? –(but not really…at least not until the

lawyers get in on the act!)

Social media expert Jay Izso is here with some interesting comments on the rise and fall

of social media giants; and the worst and best uses of social media this week.


 Who is the social media Star of the week?

 What is the social media Moron of the week?

 What’s the social media tip of the week?

 What is the social media resource of the week?

Join us next Thursday for more tips and tales of woe on social media.