Jesus Was Involved in Politics!


Neil Mammen

Neil Mammen of Every Black Life MattersExecutive VP, Co-Founder of Every Black Life Matters
President, Values Advocacy Council

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Why is the Church so critical to freedom?
Why Marxism appeals to the masses.
Jesus was involved in Politics.

Neil is the co-founder of Every Black Life Matterssupporting life from the womb to natural death; and founder of, an apologetics, theology, and evangelization ministry. Apologetics is the investigation and defense of the truth of Christianity using facts, reason, science, history, archaeology, and philosophy.
Christians have changed the world through their laws

I once encouraged a group of Christians to get involved in politics. One of them challenged me and said he was not called to be involved in politics. I told him that if he took that stance then he thought slavery, gladiatorial combat, child prostitution and cruelty to prisoners should still be legal. He disagreed. I said that’s the inevitable conclusion we have to come to, because look at this tiny subset of the thousands of laws Christians have stopped with their laws:

Slavery, Racism, Segregation, Kidnapped Brides, Child Labor, gladiatorial combats, death games, infanticide, Child Marriage, temple prostitution, child sexual abuse, child prostitution, Wives as property and, if it weren’t for us there would be no fair treatment of prisoners or equality of mankind.

(As quoted in:  Jesus Is Involved In Politics! Why aren’t you? Why isn’t your church?

Values Advocacy Council:
Why you need a VAC at your church
VAC is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization that works to influence lawmakers towards legislation that aligns with God’s objective moral laws. We do this by educating and enabling those who love God’s laws to become active in influencing lawmakers.

All our laws are based on someone’s moral values. But the question is whose moral values should we be legislating? Yours, mine, Mother Teresa’s, or Hitler’s? The answer is none of those. As the Declaration of Independence states it, we are to base our laws on the Laws of Nature and [the Laws] of Nature’s God. On God’s objective moral law.

So, if this is true, then who would be the best people to legislate our nation’s laws? Those who hate the God they do not believe in, and worse despise His commandments, or those that love the Lord with all their heart soul and minds and love His commandments. So, who should become the lawmakers of our land? Whom better than pastors, and Christians?



Jesus Was Involved in Politics - by Neil MammenAlmost 40M Evangelicals and Conservative Catholics DON’T VOTE!

Get 1/3 of them out to the polls – and we win every election; without having to argue with a single independent or non-Christian.

These resources are here to help you start a small group and give Biblical and Historical reasons to convince your Pastors, Elder Boards and fellow Christians, why Christians and the Church critically need to be involved in Politics.

Answer every objection your pastor/priest may have.

Prove WHY the Church SHOULD be involved in Politics.

Show why charity is the job of the Church & not Government.

Show why socialism violates the Bible and why Atheists needn’t fear a Christian Taliban!