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Joe Farcht

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Joe Farcht is the President of Leadership Advantage, Inc. located in Scottsdale, Arizona, a performance improvement company. His company specializes in conducting Leadership Development Programs and Executive Coaching that lead management level individuals into dramatically improving their effectiveness and productivity. The distinguishing feature is attitude and behavioral development centered on delivering measured tangible bottom line results in critical business areas. Joe is a certified Master Personal and Executive Coach (MPEC) and is qualified in Myers-Briggs Personality Type Step II. He is a twelve-year continuously active faculty member of the University of Phoenix teaching business and leadership subjects. He served on the 1995 and 1998 Board of Examiners in the Arizona State Quality Award process focusing on leadership development. Previously he worked in a fortune 50 company leading a successful Leadership Development initiative. He has successfully completed a career in the United States Air Force as an Instructor Fighter Pilot with extensive experience in leadership and training. Joe earned a BSEE from the University of Kentucky, a MBA from the University of Utah, and numerous academic achievements and decorations from the USAF. He possesses an innovative and positive can-do attitude and superb integrity who is totally committed to helping his clients develop more of their potential and achieve their leadership, business, organizational, and personal goals.
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