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Monumental Audit of Federal Reserve?
UMENTAL AUDIT OF THE FEDERAL RESERVE? Bill Would Completely Change U.S. Monetary Policy

For nearly 100 years, free-market Americans, from the average Joe Sixpack to even the sharpest MBAs, have been completely oblivious to who owns the Federal Reserve— the most powerful entity in the global economy.

In his latest edition of The International Forecaster, financial analyst Bob Chapman thoroughly breaks down the truth, exposing the Federal Reserve for what it really is—a private corporation with the power to dictate and manipulate U.S. monetary policy to serve its own gains.

So, why has the United States appointed a nongovernmental private corporation to have such control over US?

When Chapman explains it all on your show, demonstrating the Fed’s colossal conflict of interest, “incestuous staffing,” corruption and unregulated greed that have collectively taken the world to the precipice of a global depression, he’ll leave you and your audience asking one shockingly simple question . . . “How could this have been going on for 99 years now, since 1913, without some sort of public outcry?”

Then, as if offering an aspirin for the pain, Chapman is prepared launch into what he calls possibly “the most important bill in modern American history,” the one that “could lead to our financial and economic recovery.” The bill is Representative Ron Paul’s Federal Reserve Transparency Act of 2009, requiring, for the first time, that the Fed’s Board of Governors and the Federal Reserve Banks report to Congress. A kooky ‘lunatic fringe’ Bill? Perhaps at one time that might be the general concensus. But with the economy crashing down upon US, there are now well over one hundred ‘kooky’ Congressmen who have signed on to this Bill, requiring an audit of the Federal Reserve.

“When Congress sees what the Fed has done,” writes Chapman, “they might just abolish it, which is really the solution.”