John Hansen – BGE presents


TAPED:12/14/2018 John began training for bodybuilding at 14 years old, right before beginning his freshman year in high school. On December 12, 1992, John had his dream come true as he finally won the coveted Mr. Universe title he had set his sights on when he was only 14 years old. He was the winner of the Natural Mr. Universe contest. Now a full-time devoted fitness advocate, John plans to share his knowledge through personal training, speaking engagements, and booklets written about fitness and nutrition. He hopes to reach a wider audience since he is now able to spend all his time devoted to passionately spreading the word of fitness and bodybuilding. He hopes that his books, videos, audio tapes and seminars will impact a whole new generation of fitness enthusiasts. For more info on John, check out his site at Chicago, Illinois Birth date: 3/10/63 Height: 5’8 Weight: 210 (contest) 235 (off-season)