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John Taglieri

John Taglieri

Singer / songwriter John Taglieri has always done things his own way. He’s taken the DIY concept to the ultimate extreme, releasing Ten albums solely on his own terms – and he’s been nothing but successful. How does one measure success, though? Is it gold and platinum awards? Is it fame on a global basis? Is it riding a tour bus or being a household name? How about the fact that being a touring musician as your day job pays your bills, you get to travel the world, and share stages with some of the biggest idols of your life? With the release of his debut solo album, “Leap Of Faith”, in 1999 Taglieri began to make a name for himself within the ranks of the independent world of melodic rock fans around the world. Stepping outside the traditional means of only selling product via “import shops” and via the artist’s own websites, John also reached out to Tower Records, Borders Books, Sam Goody Records and more. He began to get noticed for doing things on his own terms and making them work. Seeing the success of the CD, European label, A2 Records, signed Taglieri to a worldwide licensing deal and re-released the CD to a much larger audience, exposing Taglieri to a bigger fan base and establishing him as an artist to watch. He ultimately won the “1999 Artist of the Year” award on Kweevaks Tracks website. A full tour followed taking Taglieri all over the East coast and as far west as Las Vegas. “Leap Of Faith” would go on to sell nearly 8,000 units worldwide. 2003 saw the release of the all acoustic half live/half studio album, “Half & Half”. With the release of the album, John swayed a bit from his melodic rock roots and ventured into singer / songwriter territory showing that his songwriting chops were wide and varied. He began touring with and opening for acts such as Rik Emmett, Sister Hazel, Edwin McCain, Butch Walker and many others. He won the UIMA’s “Pop/Rock Artist Of The Year” award and made big strides in building a full time career as a touring original artist. He garnered extensive press touting his songwriting skills and with many complimenting is strong, clear high tenor voice as one of the best around. Subsequently, through all of the touring and promotion, “Half & Half” sold out its first three pressings. In 2005, Taglieri not only released his third solo album, “NOW”, he quit his job of six years deciding that it was time to make a living truly doing what he loved to do. He dove head first into building a full time career and soon was touring all over the country. Performing over 230 dates a year since, he’s been a nonstop promotion and touring machine. He continued to build a strong fanbase and open for more and more big names. The momentum continued to build as his touring made him more and more of an ‘in-demand’ performer. “NOW” sold out it’s first two pressings. In 2007, Taglieri joined forces with his keyboard player, Tom Darby and producer Drew Yowell to create “Wide Awake & Dreaming”. The 12 song CD was a sonic delight, getting great reviews and reactions from his fan base. Taglieri put a full touring band together and hit to road to support the CD, playing shows to fans eager to soak up his new material. In 2008, he continued his releases with “Everything We Are”. Written with his guitarist, Brad Whitley, they crafted a six-song party of upbeat rock that was infectious from the first note to the last. Taglieri signed a deal with FYE and performed an in-store tour for the company, consequently selling out the EP’s first run in short fashion. In 2009, Taglieri came up with the concept for a series of EPs, Books and graphic novels entitled “LIVES”. It was to be coupled with online promotion and marketing. It was going to follow the lives of the books two main characters on the EPs, the books and with all available social media. “LIVES Volume I” & “LIVES Volume II” were released six months apart and got a great reaction from all who heard & read them. In 2010, Taglieri formed a new band simply called ‘TAG’. They released the full CD “FOREWARD” in October of that year and mounted a full tour to support it. Traveling all over the country in an RV, the band showcased the new music to enthusiastic crowds everywhere they went. The CD went on to sell out its only pressing. In April 2012, Taglieri released his ninth effort, aptly titled “Lucky #9”. And lucky it was! It landed at the #2 position on’s Hot New Releases chart and peaked at #18 on all of, while the single “Make Me Believe” made it all the way to #1 on the Hot New Releases chart. The release proved that Taglieri was still an in-demand performer who’s fanbase continues to grow. The EP received stellar reviews from websites and publications around the world and received airplay wordwide. In October 2012, Taglieri released his tenth CD, “The Very Best Of John Taglieri…The Songs That Should Have Made Me Rich!!!”. The twenty-song collection highlighted the very best songs from Taglieri’s career to date. With two songs from each of his first nine releases and two brand new tracks, Taglieri showed off what has kept his career alive and growing for all these years. The songs show the wide breath of his songwriting skills and the growth and evolution of his writing skills. On 4/16/13, Taglieri will release his eleventh effort…“Southern Paradise”. The six song EP will showcase brand new songs that are upbeat sing-a-longs reflecting his life at the moment. Spending a lot of time in Key West as well as still traveling, Taglieri is at a point in life and career where he’s found a great balance. This release shows that balance with songs that celebrate Taglieri’s place in life. Working with the production team of Sean Mormelo and Mark Cohn out of Nashville, and mastered by multi-Grammy winner Richard Dodd, they crafted a release that will have your toes tapping right from the first note all the way to the last. So what is success?? Well, if eleven releases in 14 years, a career as a full-time musician, touring the world, meeting and playing with your idols and singing for crowds of up to 80,000 can be considered successful, then John Taglieri has found success. Podcast of the interview Download:


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