Joseph Carswell


Joseph Carswell

Topic For Radio interview-How to Live as a Corporation.

Visionary, Strategic Thinker, and Motivator, are some of the words used to describe the Man that some call one of the Greatest Motivator’s on the planet, none other than Joseph Carswell. Mr. Carswell is a respected and noted Author, Consultant, Entrepreneur, Organization Builder, Scholar, Historian and Prophet of the Times we are living in. He has served People of African Descent in several area’s including Southeast Chairman of N’COBRA 1997-1999, CEO of The African-American Chamber of Commerce of North Florida 1995-1998, Minister/CEO of AFC World Development Center 1993- 2000 and Chairman of the International African Development Association 2006-2009. Presently he is CEO of the African Development Chamber of Commerce, CEO of Capital Funding Partners and Minister of Embassy Kingdom Ministries. His works have focused on Economic Development and Reparations for people of African Descent Worldwide. He also seeks to Educate and Unify Africans worldwide on securing Economic and Political Power wherever they may be in order to solidify our rightful place in the world. He has been featured on many radio and television stations such as 89.3FM, 1010AM, 1380AM in Atlanta, 103.7FM in Michigan, 91.9FM in Ghana as well as leading newspapers such as The Final Call, Black Free Press, Michigan Citizen,, just to name a few. He is available to speak at organizations, churches and businesses. He is a 1995 graduate of Jacksonville Theological Seminary with degrees in Education, Theology and Psychology. He is a Native of Jacksonville, FL who has pioneered efforts in economic development including the 52 million dollar redevelopment project in Dyrkeville which was the oldest housing project in the South and created three business incubators. Present projects include developing a First Class Resort in the Volta Region in Ghana and Economic Development and Housing projects in Zimbabwe, Senegal, Namibia, Ivory Coast, and Gambia to include Housing, Agribusiness, Solar Energy, Water Purification and BioDiesel Production. Joseph Carswell offers funding for businesses/ corporations for both good and bad credit with easy installment plans.
Date Recorded: 6/6/2013

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