KELLY PAGE Lifestyle Expert known as the ‘bluegraygal’ and Founder of KPI Media


About Kelly Page
I’m a Mommy to three; a girl and identical twin boys. No, we had no family history. No we didn’t do in-vitro. Three kids under three. Yes we were terrified. Yes, it was hard. And YES, it’s been worth it all to have our three angels! This is proof enough I am organized, can handle stress, can multi-task and maintain a sense of humor (ahem, husband hold your tongue please).

Speaking of husband, I’m married to the nicest computer nerd ever. Because of that I know way too many acronyms and could probably get a job at geek squad. Well, not really, but I would have a decent application form. He’s the funniest, smartest and most caring man and I lucked out.

I prefer my chocolate at 3am, a glass of champagne, a mid-day nap and sunset. I can’t stand loud gum chewing.

I’ve never met a TV camera I didn’t come alive in front of. I was almost on The Real World. I was too normal and was cut at the last second. Being normal has never served me better. A live TV studio makes me happy and relaxed. Odd, I know.

Most importantly, everything on this blog represents my own personal style. I won’t endorse any brand I don’t firmly believe in or wear an outfit that I wouldn’t put on myself. And if I say I like it, I mean it. This blog is genuinely reflective of who I am and will remain so, no matter what financial gain I could have! It’s more important to me that you trust me because you like my estillo!

Thanks for following along on my journey and my desire to communicate and share. My cup runneth over having you!