Ken Davis


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Ken Davis is a multi-Emmy Award-winning producer, writer, and on-air reporter who has worked for all the major TV networks in news and entertainment. Beginning as the nation’s youngest TV news anchorman, he went on to have wild adventures with everyone from superstars to serial killers in his four-decade career. (He began as a child)

His book is titles IN BED WITH BROADCASTING, because the industry was his “mistress”. He would do anything for her. Together they hobnobbed with Hollywood royalty and partied with presidents. But this volatile “seductress” also pointed a loaded a gun to his head, brought him face-to-face with a notorious serial killer, and demanded he sell my soul. Expect exclusive insights into people such as: Phil Spector, Walter Cronkite, Barack Obama, Mae West, the Hillside Strangler, Frank Zappa, Julie Louie-Dreyfuss, Johnny Carson, Garth Brooks, Jerry Seinfeld, Henry Fonda, Bill Maher, Snoop Dogg, Milton Berle and many more. You’ll also get a backstage pass to TV shows from the CBS Evening News to EXTRA to Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous, with lots of laughs along the way