Larry Tracy, Author of Bring Home the Bacon


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Questions for Larry Tracy, Author of Bring Home the Bacon:

How to Deliver Persuasive Presentations that Get “Buy-in” from ANY Audience
I am very pleased to welcome a rather unique guest to our show, Larry Tracy is a retired Colonel
from the United States Army who, during the crisis years of the Cold War during the Reagan
Administration, was a senior intelligence briefer to the Joint Chiefs of Staff and assigned by the
White House to the State Department to defend and debate controversial policies all over the
country. He attended the U.S. Army Command and Staff College at Fort Leavenworth and the
Inter-American Defense College at Fort McNair in Washington, D.C. One of his primary areas of
focus was Latin American Policy.
Following retirement from the Army he became an in-demand speech coach and now his first
book is out, Bring Home the Bacon: How to Deliver Persuasive Presentations that Get
“Buy-in” from ANY Audience….welcome Larry Tracy.
—Question 1: Congratulations on the book, the testimonials read like a whose who of high level
government officials, starting with President Reagan, really impressive….first give the audience
your brief bio, where you were raised and how your Army and post-Army career evolved?
—Question 2: Before we get to some of aspects that are the foundation for effective
presentations, what you call the S3P3 method, obviously you emphasize having a total grasp of
the material and learning as much as possible about the target audience, but I want to know if you
present from a script or do you use subject headings and then talk in something like a highly-
informed impromptu manner?
—Question 3: This is a two-part question, did you fear public speaking and how can people
overcome that phobia, and please give the audience a basic overview of the S3P3 Method?
—Question 4: Please address two aspects of the book, first do you believe this book will benefit
people from all backgrounds and in many different situations, and second I noticed Bring Home
the Bacon is written in a highly compact form, can we assume this comes from your Army
training where brevity is the key to communications?
—Question 5: I would like you to talk about your method of drafting presentations backwards,
but before you get into that, will you please share an incident where you got savaged by the
audience or everything went wrong, tell us what you learned and how you recovered from that
—Question 6: Ok, now tell us an overview of the method of drafting presentations backwards
and what you call the Murder Board, that sounds interesting?
—Question 8: You emphasize practicing the presentation to avoid speaking too fast or too slow,
now Winston Churchill used to practice his speeches in front of a mirror, how do you practice
your speeches?
—Question 9: Bring Home the Bacon is priced to move, the Kindle version from Amazon is
$3.99, that is fantastic, what a wealth of information and power for the price of a cup of
coffee at Starbucks….Larry, do you believe becoming comfortable and confident in public
speaking and delivering presentations can change a person’s life?