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Guest Opportunity: Frank Vernuccio – National Expert on Policy & Government Affairs


Meet Frank Vernuccio

Editor-in-Chief of the NY Analysis of Policy & Government, covering both national & international matters
Co-host of the radio program, “And Nothing But The Truth”
Columnist for several newspapers and web news services
Former member of both Republican and Democrat administrations in New York State, including running the Manhattan Workers Compensation Board in the aftermath of 9/11
President of COMACTA

Date Recorded: 8/12/2012

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Last week, the streets of the Ukraine ran wet with the blood of those who seek to keep their nation free from the Kremlin’s clutches. Japan and the Philippines anxiously await the latest Chinese aggression. The people of Israel feel a sense of dread not equaled since the defeat of Nazi Germany. The Taliban is preparing to retake Afghanistan, and al Qaeda controls more territory than ever in the Middle East.

Moscow is violating arms agreements without any serious discussion of penalty from the White House, as Putin develops a military even more powerful than it possessed during the Cold War. China has devoted its vast riches to the construction of an armed force larger in size than any other nations’, with high-tech weapons that in many cases surpass our own.

In North Korea, people are subjected to a level of atrocities not seen since the concentration camps of the 1940s, as their government continues to rapidly build nuclear weapons and ICBMS capable of delivering them to American soil.

Parts of Latin America are suffering under despotic regimes that repress their own citizens and openly call the United States their enemy. These governments have opened their doors to the military’s and intelligence services of Iran, China, and Russia.

Several nations that formerly were allied in interest with Washington, such as Egypt and Turkey, are now looking towards America’s enemies for arms deals.

As the planet becomes far more dangerous, the U.S. military continues to shrink.

While all this occurs, Secretary of State John Kerry proclaims that global warming is his main concern.

The time has long passed for highly important and urgently appropriate questions about the Obama Administration’s foreign policy strategy and goals, as well as its vision of America’s international role to be asked.

There are two salient issues involved. The first is the incredible deterioration of international relations during Obama’s tenure. The second is the complete failure of the President to share with the American people his worldview. The United States is supposed to be a government of, by, and for the people. Despite that, since his election, Mr. Obama has avoided his responsibility to discuss his international objectives and plans with his constituency. He has commented about foreign affairs far less, in speeches, press conferences, and state of the union addresses than his predecessor.

There are serious questions about the priorities and competency of a President who rushes to ouster an Egyptian regime that was friendly to the U.S., and a Libyan regime that was fighting al Qaeda as are we, but does nothing of substance to assist Iranian dissidents who are seeking to reform the vile Tehran government, or to assist Cuban political prisoners, or those seeking to restore democracy in Venezuela, or Ukrainians courageously seeking to avoid a Kremlin takeover. His actions in opening negotiations with the Taliban are against America’s long standing policy of not negotiating with terrorists.

As human rights violations ring the globe, where is America, the nation that has always been the leading champion of freedom? Why does the current Administration continue to move closer to nations like Russia and China, chronic opponents of human rights, while distancing free nations and solid friends such as Israel, Japan, the Philippines, and Europe?

Doubtless, the Administration and its defenders in the Senate and the media will view these questions as partisan attacks on Mr. Obama. But when did it become partisan to simply ask the President, especially in the wake of an extraordinary deterioration in America’s global position, what his plans are? When did it become partisan to ask why journalists seeking information about international issues were wiretapped? Why did the State Department of Hillary Clinton move to prevent key figures from testifying to Congress about what actually happened in Benghazi?

This isn’t about being for or against the President. It’s a clear recognition of the facts on the ground, undeniable facts that under Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, and John Kerry, America has been dramatically weakened, our allies endangered, our enemies emboldened. It’s about seeking an explanation of why this Administration has alienated nations like the United Kingdom, which has been our steadfast ally for over a century. It’s about an almost total lack of communications from the Oval Office of the President, or the State Department under Hillary Clinton and John Kerry about what direction they are steering this nation in, and why, after the drastic reduction in America’s safety and standing, there has been no discussion of this Administration’s motives and what changes will be made in recognition of the dramatic failures of the past five years.


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