Lauren Boebert vis lhan Omar


Lauren Boebert vis lhan Omar

Lauren Boebert’s comments regarding Ilhan Omar are MILD compared to the reality of Islamic beliefs. Only in the depraved minds of clueless leftists and or Quran ignorant morons, is Ilhan Omar a victim of racism.

What RACE is Islam? Can any ‘woke’ tell us? Maybe I missed something in my decades of research.

After all, every single terrorist – because they are Sharia compliant – recites the terror verse “Allahu Akbar” before committing mass murder. Therefore, it is not impossible, that if and when Ilhan Omar decides she is not Sharia compliant enough, would also commit mass murder by blowing herself and others up.

First and foremost, since Ilhan Omar wears the hijab, she is therefore, a Sharia compliant Muslima (female Muslim) – like every Sharia compliant Muslim on Earth – is the Mortal and Eternal ENEMY of every human being who is NOT a Muslim, called insultingly, Kuffar/Infidels, 80% of current humanity

Ilhan Omar’s Islamic Sharia rooted beliefs are also, the nemesis of every article in the US Constitution and hence, she and every Sharia compliant Muslim in the USA, is a treasonous, treacherous and mortal enemy from within.

To show how irrefutable my comments are, I am willing to put forth a $200,000 challenge that says, there is no one who can prove me wrong. Any takers?

Ilhan Omar substantiates everything I assert, with her endless VILE and contemptuous anti American utterances. She is NOT an anti-Semite (since she loves Semitic Arabs), but putting it simply, Ilhan Omar is a virulent JEW Hater like ALL Muslims (as well as hating all non Muslims/ Kuffar/ Infidels).

Even her daughter – born and bred in the USA – displays exactly the same contempt for everything American. In perfectly blunt terms, no Sharia compliant Muslim, can ever be grateful or loyal to the USA or the American people.

She is a darling of CAIR (Council on American Islamic Relations) –  one of the most ardent haters of Americans – who are the spearhead of the Muslim Brotherhood in the USA, who were fully supported by Obama, the closeted Muslim – and who have been getting away with mass murder and sedition, by disguising themselves as ‘moderate’ Muslims defending American Muslims from the oxymoronic term of ‘Islamophobia’.

CAIR, Ilhan Omar, Linda Sarsour and others like them are actually the Civilizational Jihadists, who finance, support, arm and defend the Spearhead of Islam, the terrorist War Jihadists.

Modern Muslims, emulate their debauched mentor Muhammad bin abd Allah, who 1400 years ago, also always pretended he was a victim of oppression by his own kith and kin of the Quraish tribe, when in fact he was their worst and most aggressive enemy.

Like most Americans, Lauren is not learned enough in Islamic beliefs to counter her fascist leftist opponents, who accuse anyone who disagrees with them as racist, bigoted or Islamophobic.

It is about time to stand up un-apologetically and – call a spade, a spade – and let the leftists go to hell with their ‘holier than thou’ attitude.

Neither Lauren Boebert, nor anyone else in the USA, who points out the TRUTH about Muslims, should ever retract or allow themselves to be intimidated, because it is through the threat of terror that Muslims silence all those who reveal the facts about the Cult of Muhammad called Islam