Live From Europe: Amazon And Bezos Fund Radical Islamic Ideologists In London, According To A New Report


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Funneled Cash to Salafist Org Founded by ‘Extremist’ UK-Based Saudi Scholar…

MIDDLE EASTERN AUTHOR: I. Q. al Rassooli, is author of Lifting the Veil: The True Faces of Muhammad and Islam, Volumes 1-3. I.Q. al-Rassooli is an Iraqi-born native Arabic-speaker living in an undisclosed location in Europe where he works to spread the truth about Islam and the West.

“Amazon has agreed to fund a hardline British charity whose leading ideologue supports child marriage, female genital mutilation and stoning people to death for adultery.

Under its charitable programme, the internet giant will make donations to the London-based group whenever its supporters buy products.

The Muslim Research and Development Foundation (MRDF) has been described by the government’s counter-extremism commissioner, Sara Khan, as “the main Salafist organisation in the UK”.

Its founder and former chairman is Haitham al-Haddad, 52, a Saudi-born Islamic scholar whose beliefs led him to be labelled “one of the most dangerous men in Britain” by the head of the counter-extremism Quilliam Foundation.”



BIO: I.Q. al-Rassooli is an Iraqi-born native Arabic-speaker who has dedicated over thirty years of his life to the study and critical analysis of Muhammad, his Qur’an, Hadiths, Shariah, the history of Arab and Islamic imperialism, as well as comparative studies of the Hebrew Bible, the New Testament, Zoroastrian (Persian) beliefs and pagan Arab religions. He describes this body of work as “the most thorough study of Islam humanly possible”.

ABOUT: I.Q. al Rassooli has had for the last 10 years over $1,500,000 worth of challenges to anyone who can prove ANYTHING that he reveals as either wrong or untrue. Ten years have gone by without a single Muslim, or anyone else, debating him or losing a dime. He has been challenging CAIR (Council on American Islamic Relations); Linda Sarsour; ISNA (Islamic Society of North America), for the last ten years without any of them accepting a debate.

As an outsider looking in from Europe, regarding the Congressional hearings on Brett Kavanaugh, I.Q. sees it as a circus, especially among the Democrats who have been like the Brown Shirts. I.Q. has extensive knowledge of the Koran and other Islamic Holy Books. He can also speak on other issues, such as other political and military issues around the world.



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