Mental Health in the WorkPlace


Clayton Cramer, Mental Health Expert and Author of ‘My Brother Ron: A Personal and Social History of the Deinstitutionalization of the Mentally Ill’

TOPIC- One in four Americans has a diagnosable mental health disorder and one in seventeen have a serious mental illness like schizophrenia. The ways the mental health crises are dealt with in the workplace are dramatically different than they were in the past. Fifty years ago, mental illness was usually hidden and the afflicted locked away in a mental intuition.

Meet Clayton Cramer · Received his Masters in History from Sonoma State University · Adjunct Lecturer in History at College of Western Idaho · Software Engineer · Extensive Bibliography of Published Books, including: ‘Black Demographic Data, 1790-1860: A Sourcebook’, ‘By the Dim and Flaring Lamps: The Civil War Diaries of Samuel McIlvaine’, ‘Armed America: The Remarkable Story of How and Why Guns Became as American as Apple Pie’, ‘Concealed Weapon Laws of the Early Republic: Dueling, Southern Violence, and Moral Reform’, ‘For the Defense of Themselves and the State: The Original Intent and Judicial Interpretation of the Right to Keep and Bear Arms’ , and ‘Firing Back: A Clear, Simple Guide to Defending Your Constitutional Right to Bear Arms’ · His work helped to help to prove that the book ‘Arming America’ by Michael Bellesiles was based on fraudulent research · His work has been cited in decisions by the US Supreme Court, numerous state Supreme Courts and US Appellate Courts

Date Recorded: 10/31/2012

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